The Quotable Abigail, Part 58

On introducing a new friend to her room for the first time: “Do you want to make a mess?”

On what to call the plate of leaves and berries plucked from the bush: “The Mah Jour dinner.”

On modernizing Raffi: “Five green, inspectful frogs sat on a spectful log…”

On the sunset: “Aww, seriously? It just started day!”

On why she hasn’t eaten much today: “I didn’t have time for lunch.”

On things to whisper to her brother: “Let’s attack him.”

On games that aren’t as awesome as they sound: “Gabe, want to play My Little Pony Castle Breakdown?”

On her favorite number: “Three makes me feel like butterflies.”

On incentivizing her brother: “Hold my hand. Hold my hand and I’ll let you down to this world where you dream.”

On why I should let her pick out my shirt: “It’ll have Doctor Who on it.”

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