Abigail is frequently dismayed by the world around her. Many times, the only way she can adequately express her dismay is with a sudden, sharp intake of breath, loaded with shock. If you’re having trouble imagining this, Pinkie Pie is here to offer you an example of what such a gasp sounds like: 

Abigail’s gasp is actually loaded with more indignation than that, but you get the idea. 

Here is an abbreviated list of recent reasons Abigail has given for why she gasped so: 

  • Gabe declaring that Mickey Mouse’s dog was “not Pluto.”
  • Something she had trouble articulating, related to rainbows.
  • Gabe rubbing a dry paintbrush on a book.
  • The man on the TV “skateboarding well.”
  • Gabe touching a rubber band.
  • Gabe pushing a button on his toy.
  • Gabe tossing aside the book she just gave him, which he had specifically asked her not to give to him.
  • “Never mind.”


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