The Quotable Gabe, Part 8

On Daddy singing “My Girl” to Momma: “No, she’s my girl.”

On why he’s gotten so big: “Because.”

On why I shouldn’t sit on his left side when we share a snack: “That’s too reachy for me.”

On things to shout while charging down an aisle in the corner market/liquor store: “Beeeeer! Beeeeer!”

On Daddy singing “Good Hearted Woman”: “I’m a good man.”

On shouting in the bath: “Need some soap here!”

On moving to the edge of the sidewalk so that people going the other way may pass: “Watch out, please!”

On me being in the way as he rolls a wooden stick over the carpet: “Watch out, Daddy! I’m smoothing!”

On whether he’d like to change out of his pajamas and get dressed: “No. I’m dressed now.”

On the stuffed animal he just handed to me: “That one has snot on it.”

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