The Quotable Gabe, Part 9

On getting his hair rinsed in the bath: “Cry! Cry! Cry!”

On the subject of his drawing: “A cup. Two cups! And a teacher! And a duck. And a bear. I’m doing a beautiful picture.”

On the name of the bear on his jammies: “It’s a shirt. It’s a shirt for wearing. It’s a shirt for wearing on your belly.”

On whether he likes the cold: “No. I’m too sad for it.”

On mom’s car: “This car’s dirty, Abigail.”

On the sunny view from his car seat: “Look at that crazy sky!”

On his sister complaining that riding in the toy car hurts her backside: “Just ride it. It’s fine.”

On what he’d like to watch on the TV: “Babies crying.”

On being told that he’s turning into a prince: “No! I’m turning into Gabe!”

On why he’s pounding the bookshelves with a plastic hammer: “I’m getting some working done.”

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