The Quotable Gabe, Part 13

On dubious games: “Can I cut you for two more minutes?”

On our refrigerator, apparently carbonite: “Open this up and let me show you Han Solo.”

On the reason he’s standing next to me on a step stool: “I’m gonna go fix you a little bit with my hammer. I’ll be careful.”

On the good old days: “When I used to drink coffee when I was a grown up.”

On why he can’t eat more than a bite of his yogurt: “It’s too tasty.”

On musings from the back seat, issued after a long pause and without preamble: “Dinosaurs eat up kids sometimes.”

On diabolical plans: “I’m gonna go make the sky brown with sand.”

On artistic plans: “I’m gonna go paint all the colors Abigail loves.”

On a few of his favorite things: “I love going on airplanes, going to the park and eating some fruit.”

On Abigail riding a horse: “And then I will ride the chicken!”

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