The Quotable Abigail, Part 63

On singing along with the radio from the back seat: “I was walking with a ghost. I say, hey, ghosts don’t exist.”

On splashing in her bath: “That was embarrassingly fun!”

On still remembering having her blood drawn, years earlier: “Getting your blood out, that place is really, really not good.”

On what Gabe’s behavior means for when we get home: “Consequences or picnic?”

On dad’s role in what has been declared a kids-only zone: “You can be our chair if you want to stay.”

On dramatic announcements: “Gabriel and dad, did you know I’ve been writing all about you? Writing what you’ve done wrong!”

On morning greetings: “You look good enough to mix in with my cereal!”

On health risks: “I’m actually allergic to a drink of water in my nose.”

On performance notes for Gabe as he and his sister play family: “Sometimes daddies are really mean.”

On Batman, actually reasonable descriptions of: “He’s the bad guy hero of all bad guys!”

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