The Quotable Gabe, Part 16

On rural, inland driving: “Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins.”

On what he has me looking for: “I’ll show you when you find it.”

On what his toy car is heading out to get: “Hot chai latte and a blueberry muffin. For my children.”

On what I’m hoping will be a new phrase bikers start using: “Ride with your wheels on!”

On night time observations: “That’s a big nose you’ve got there.”

On whether he’d like some pumpkin pie: “No! That’s cat food pie!”

On actually a pretty good description of the video game we were playing: “I’m going to fight the bad jack-o-lanterns away with the fire pencil!”

On what happened in the backyard: “One ant got squished by an eagle because ants are so squishy.”

On bad smells: “Skunk juice is pee-you ”

On vision: “I’m glad we all have eyes. We need to peel eyes so we can see dolphins.”

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