The Quotable Abigail, Part 66

On crabs: “They’re bones with eyes. Seriously. That’s what they are.”

On the surprising find in an old purse that sounded like something that wouldn’t have been a surprising find in an old purse: “There’s a bunch of old Chex in here.”

On her third favorite holiday: “Valentimes Day.”

On the deep meaning of her artwork: “This is you and this is money that you’re giving to me.”

On the morning rush: “You always think we’re late, but we’re not!”

On forcing her brother to accept a dramatic rewrite of the rules: “You want to win, dontcha?”

On being backed into a rhetorical corner: “I’m not arguing!”

On things that were pronounced exactly the way you think: “What does Uranus look like?”

On clearly not paying attention to her brother: “Ohhh. Very interesting.”

On the monarchy: “King is a boy word for queen.”

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