Peanut’s Last Soiree

I have a video for you today. It features Peanut, the longtime canine companion of my Uncle John, Aunt Sarah and Cousin Dillon. Peanut passed away in January, shortly after this footage was filmed. She had a long full life. In her youth, she spent most of her time chasing tennis balls.

Frankly, the tennis balls were a bit of a problem. Once, while they were away, I dropped something off on their porch, and on my way back out to the car, I spotted the tip of a black and white snout poking out from under the wooden fence on the side of the house. Peanut opened her mouth and a moist, gray tennis ball rolled down the driveway toward me.

I kicked it back, naturally.

This video was filmed at this year’s Christmas party, during which Peanut searched high and low for resting places near potential dropped edibles. This is the story of her search for snacks.

The lighting is terrible. The video is frequently out of focus. It has no beginning, middle or end. You can’t really make out much on the audio and the camera is as shaky as it gets.

So I decided to go the “French film” route.

Here’s Peanut’s final theatrical performance:

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3 Responses to Peanut’s Last Soiree

  1. Susan says:

    thanks Alex…I loved watching her wander thru the party and get the occasional scratch from a friendly hand…I will miss her sweet face and her tenacity for the tennis ball.

  2. rhoda schatzel svensson says:

    Great job Alex! She really was a very good dog, tennis ball and all.

  3. Sarah Gorman- Peanut's Mom says:

    Thank you Alex I am glad that Peanut is now in cyber-space as well as in our hearts.

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