The Quotable Gabe, Part 12

On my hat, apparently: “You’re Superman, Daddy! You’re a golf ball guy!”

On the “Golden Wrench Auto” sign: “That says, ‘how do you bang the cars?'”

On what he’s doing to the bed sheets: “I’m gonna tuck you out.”

On the reason he needs to fill the laundry basket with books: “So I can rescue the books for the mailman.”

On Disneyland: “It was raining in the dark with animals.”

On the meaning of this cryptic description of Disneyland: “For me, it was happy. I’m happy.”

On Beethoven’s Ninth: “This song might get the cars out of the way next to you.”

On time-wasting conditions that are hard to refuse: “No, first I have to give you lots of hugs.”

On Abigail’s unicorn: “I want the gingacorn! The gingacooorn!”

On the risks of combining snacks and stuffed tigers: “I’ll be careful not to spill yogurt on him. Not too careful. Just a little but careful.”

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