The Quotable Abigail, Part 64

On having the overarching idea of the Lord of the Rings explained to her: “Bag-gins! Bag-gins! Bag-gins!”

On apparent compliments: “Daddy, you’re big and fat already.”

On being told that she’d spelled “Solvang” incorrectly: “That’s okay. I’ll just write it my language.”

On giving Gabe a valuable shorthand: “Freeways don’t have patios and if you see a patio that’s a sign you’re not on the freeway.”

On Mythbusters: “Me and Gabe always try it at home.”

On her Mom’s hat: “You look like an old lady marching down the road.”

On why she needs absolute silence: “I’m singing something in my mind.”

On lines I hope she never tries on a cop: “We won’t steal everything.”

On the aftermath of urging her little brother to greater speed on his tricycle: “Maybe fast isn’t really a good idea.”

On initially quite startling dinnertime announcements: “FLOCK! … of birdies.”

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