My story “Tricky” has been published by Stupefying Stories. Not only am I thrilled to have another story out in the wild, I am ecstatic that I have been published by a publication with a name as awesome as “Stupefying Stories.”

You can go here and read it right now. It’s a fantasy story, with a more humorous bent than some of my more recent publications. Although, I’m not sure “recent” is the right word to use. It has been almost a year since “Die for You” appeared in the in-boxes of Daily Science Fiction subscribers.

Over the past twelve months, I have crafted and submitted a number of new stories, but most of my writing effort has been focused on a novel. That manuscript is currently being dissected by a number of friends and colleagues, but while you wait for a finished version, I will direct your attention back to “Tricky.”

I wrote the first draft of this story back in 2011 and it’s gone through wholesale changes since then. Give it a read, and let me know what you think.

In case I haven’t linked to it enough, or you’re just too lazy to scroll back up the page, here again is a link to “Tricky.”

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