The Quotable Gabe, Part 15

On tidiness: “My mess is ruined!”

On things you learn walking behind the dog: “I don’t have that kind of butt like Maggie.”

On pre-Legoland planning: “Can we go somewhere like Legoland after Legoland?”

On the big questions one thinks about after listening to music in the car: “How can we can we dance while our beds are burning?”

On what happened in his bad dream: “I’m not gonna go tell you because it’s bad!”

On being sad that there are no dishes to wash in the sink: “I have dishes in my heart to wash.”

On Madeleine and Beatrice: ” You guys are not good girls.”

On things you can listen to in a silent car: “Did you hear that sound? That’s a sky dancing sound.”

On good reasons: “I can’t hold your hand, Abigail, because I have one sonic screwdriver in my hand.”

On the Great Flower Petal-Pulling, Big Sister Meltdown of 2014: “When my flower gets all ruined, I don’t act like that.”

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